There are many kinds of Japanese food.I will introduce representative Japanese food.


About Japanese food

Because Japanese food is healthy, many people are paying attention.It is a famous story that singer Madonna hires an exclusive Japanese cuisine.In 2013 Japanese food was registered as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.


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Types of Japanese cuisine range from regional dishes to a wide variety. Japanese food introduced here introduces Japanese cuisine that common people eat normally.



Sushi is a combination of rice and seafood mainly.Sashimi is a dish that cuts foods such as fish and shellfish into small pieces and eats them with seasoning such as soy sauce.

SUSHI BAR YASUDA Owner chef Yasuda Naomichi tells foreigners how to eat the right sushi elegance invited abroad.


Sashimi is a dish that cuts foods such as fish and shellfish into small pieces and eats them with seasoning such as soy sauce.

Yakiniku(Grilled meat)(焼き肉)

Yakiniku means baked meat such as cattle and pigs. Also cook sauce and internal organs and eat while burning with direct flame.The quality of meat is good, the sauce is also very delicious.


Ramen is a noodle dish consisting mainly of Chinese noodles and soup and combining various ingredients (chashued · menma · seasoned egg, chopped onion, laver and so on).

In Japan, a Chinese restaurant opened in the Chinese town (Nanjing street) that appeared in the port opened in the Meiji era, spreading around the Taisho era around the time.


Tempura is a Japanese dish that cooks foods such as fish and shellfishes and vegetables with clothes made mainly of flour and cooking it with oil. It is one of “Sannomi of Edo”, it is a regional dish of Edo dishes, Edo (Tokyo).

Curry rice(カレーライス)

Curry rice is a dish that you eat curry with boiled rice. Born in the UK based on Indian cuisine, it is a dish that changed independently in Japan. In Britain it is also called “British English: curry and rice” and “British English: Curried rice”


Grilled chicken or grilled chicken (yakitori) is one that cut a chicken into a bite, skewered and burned on fire (skewers).

Yakitori category has been added from “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2010”.


Gyoza (gyoza, gyoza, jiǎozi) is a skin made from wheat flour, wrapped in a piece made of meat, shrimp, vegetables etc, boiled or baked food. According to the method of cooking, it is called water dumplings, baked dumplings, steamed dumplings, fried dumplings and the like.

First of all, it was explained by Chinese dumplings, the birthplace of dumplings, then brought about by the Manchurian lift from different birthplaces, changed independently in Japan.

Dumplings are very popular in France. The store called “GYOZA BAR” in Paris is popular. It is popular to eat dumplings with champagne.

Pork cutlet(とんかつ)

Pork cutlets (pork cutlets) are thick cooked loins and sliced meat of sliced fish, fried in flour, fried eggs and bread crumbs and cooked in edible oil.


Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot-pot dish that eats thinly-cut meat on a sauce after it is heated several times through a soup which has been boiled in a dedicated saucepan and attached to sauce. Sauce is common with Ponzu and Gomadare.


Udon is a noodle or its dish having a certain width and thickness, kneading the flour and cutting long.Cameron Michelle Diaz like it.


Buckwheat is Japanese noodles, processed using buckwheat flour made from fruits beside grain, and dishes using it.

Baked fish(Yakizakana)(焼き魚)

Baked fish is a fish cooked dish.In Japanese cuisine, it occupies an important position as a baked dish of Sanju Sana. Grilled fish are classified into direct fire and indirect grill. Direct fire roasts fish on a net or a skewer, burns in a short time with a high heat of high heat with a direct source of charcoal fire or gas. For indirect grilling, there are a frying pan, wrapping grill and salt pot grilling, etc., and the transmission of heat is softer than direct fire. Besides fresh fish, dried fish is also used.


Nabe cooking (Nabe Ryori) is a Japanese cuisine served at the dining table without transferring the prepared food to the dishes, keeping it in the pot used for cooking. It sometimes refers to as a pot dish (pot), or just as a pot (pan). It is common to surround a pot with several people, cook with a desk stove, a hot plate, etc., and eat it separately in small bowls (called drinking water) containing individual bowls, dishes or ponzu and sauce. Especially preferred in winter.


Okonomiyaki is a kind of teppanyaki that uses flour and cabbage etc.Using flavored flour as a dough, use your favorite ingredients such as vegetables, meat, fish and shellfish and eat it with seasoning such as sauce, sauce, mayonnaise, blue paste etc. on the iron plate. There are differences in the way of baking and ingredients depending on the region, and there are various styles of okonomiyaki such as “Kansai style okonomiyaki” “Hiroshima style okonomiyaki”.

Oyako Donburu(親子丼)

Chicken and Egg Bowl (Oyako Donburu, English: Chicken and Egg Bowl) is a kind of bowl dish which cooked boiled chicken with melting egg and placed on rice. The name “parent and child” comes from using chicken meat and eggs.


Beef bowl (gyudon) is a dish cooked thinly sliced beef and onions with soy sauce etc and cooked on rice bowls served with bowl.

Spaghetti (スパゲティー)

Spaghetti (sItalian: spaghetti) is one of pasta which is a noodle used in Italian cuisine, and is elongated like a string.Japanese style recipes are popular.


Japanese rice texture etc. are popular.


Watermelon (watermelon, scientific name: Citrullus lanatus) is an annual grass of villaceae which is cultivated to make fruits edible. Also, about that fruit. Origin is tropical African savanna area and desert area. Kanji for watermelon comes from Chinese watermelon (Mandarin: Shigwa xīguā)


Various cooking methods are not unique in the world.

Gren tea(緑茶)

The export volume doubles in 10 years. Boom that it is healthy.

Savory egg custard(茶碗蒸し)

Cameron Diaz is also acclaimed as a custard cream. It is popular in Thailand.



We had a nice Japanese meal if you tried it once.If you traveled to Japan, please try it.